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Bondalti Project

Bondalti Evolving Chemistry

Supervision and Control System

Since 2000, Microprocessador has actively participated in the development projects of BONDALTI -Evolving Chemistry, especially in its industrial unit in Estarreja.

The first major project contracted by BONDALTI to Microprocessador was the revamping of the Chlor-Alkali Production units, where a whole new era began for that unit, with the replacement of all the out-of-date control equipment by DCS (Distribution Control System), centralizing and automating the whole process.

Later on, Microprocessador and the Industrial Automation Department of BONDALTI advanced the revamping of the Aniline and Derivatives Production units, which includes, besides the Aniline production, the production of Nitric Acid and Sulfanilic Acid and also the Incinerator, among other projects.

Want to know more about this project? Download the information with the details of our intervention.