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Building Automation

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems, also known as BMS, are systems that allow, through the many years of a building´s expected life, to establish, adapt and readapt operational strategies, monitor all the building´s systems and promote energy efficiency.

Microprocessador, in partnership with leading technology partners in this area, and in close collaboration with project offices and contractors’ owners, has contributed, from 1979 until today, to the implementation of numerous building management systems.


Technical Management Systems (BMS)

  • HVAC
  • Lightning
  • Energy management and eco-efficiency
  • Systems integration
  • Business Intelligence

Security & Safety

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • CCTV, Biometrics
  • Fire detection
  • Gas detection

Efficient Building Solutions

  • Monitoring energy consumption – energy management
  • Monitoring and control of the electrical network
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Parking control
  • Access control and monitoring
  • Fire detection
  • Intrusion security
  • Remote access
  • Security systems integration
  • Maintenance systems support

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