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The Company  Microprocessador – Sistemas Digitais, S.A., was established in 1979 by a group of lectures of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, whose vision was the innovation in the area of the electronic and digital systems.




The first products were developed from orders placed by Electricity of Portugal and the textile industry. Later, the development of two products dedicated to the industrial area aroused the interest of the Group Sonae.

In 1984, the Group Sonae acquires the majority of the capital of Microprocessador, becoming the Microprocessador part of the Sonae´s group in the area of Information Technologies. After the association, the Microprocessador grows and gains experience, keeping up with the growth of the business group in markets such as industry and services (distribution, shopping centres, real estate).

In 1991, the group Sonae decides to transfer the companies that composed this business area, focusing on its main business areas. The control of the Microprocessador returns to its main frame, maintaining their pledge. The company´s activity doesn´t top growing, maintaining a strong business relationship with several of Sonae´s companies that, even today, makes of the Sonae group one of the leading references.

In 1993, looking for technology partner, and with an industrial weight, the Group Efacec joins the capital of the Microprocessador, holding 54.25% of the company´s capital. The Microprocessor receives a new boost and expands its business into new markets, particularly in the transport market. Once again, exists a clear pledge in investing in the development of its own technology.

The Microprocessor matures as a company, acquires experience in major projects and extends its references. During this period, establishes its branch in the South and begins its international activity.

In 2006, taking advantage of a process of restructuring in the Group Efacec, the Microprocessador once again gains autonomy and leaves this Group. New shareholders, with presence and reference in the markets where the Microprocessador performs, enters the capital of the Microprocessador. The strategy and organization are reviewed and a new impulse is generated.





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