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The high level of engineering service offered by the company Microprocessador and which allows them to respond competently and flexibly to the challenges placed by the clients is based on the innovated spirit, determination and motivation of a qualified team and in continuous training. It´s the 75 workers that form the Microprocessador distributed between the Head Office in Matosinhos, Porto and the branch in Carnaxide, Lisbon.

Since its creation (1979) that their products and solutions are based on their own Investigation and Development (I&DI). What distinguishes them in the market is the high level of engineering service that they are able to offer and which allows them to respond with competence and flexibility to the various challenges that are placed by the customers.
To sum up:

  • we innovate(continuous investment in IDI);
  • we are solid (30 years);
  • we are flexible (we have the ability to produce according to the customer´s needs)


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Rua de Cidres, 1444

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